All athletes are individual and should be coached as an individual and therefore I provide bespoke coaching plans tailored to fit the demands of your life and this includes work life and family life, your fitness level, and your individual goals. All aspects of your daily lifestyle will impact your ability to train at your full potential.  Things like how much sleep you are getting, what your daily diet looks like, are you eating healthy nutritious food or a lot of easy to eat processed food, how hydrated are you each day and what is your daily stress like, whether from work or family life or both as all of these factors will play a part in how recovered you are and what kind of mindset you are in to perform.  I look at all these areas when I coach athletes and I write the plan with each athlete’s lifestyle in mind, how well they adapt to training load and guide and educate each athlete to a healthier way of living to create longevity!  I cater for all abilities, whether you are a complete beginner, Team GB age grouper or Ironman, we will work together collaboratively to get you to achieve your goals.

I always like to have a initial face to face meeting (if local to the West Berkshire/Reading area, otherwise this can be done via Microsoft Teams or facetime), where we will talk through all that I can offer you in more detail, my coaching philosophy and see if we gel as a coach and athlete partnership.  We will discuss all your aspirations and goals (I will help you make these SMART goals), lifestyle demands and questions we both will have. 

Your personalised training plan will be written weekly and supported by Training Peaks Software allowing you to be anywhere and still be able to be in contact with me as training peaks also has a free app for phones.  If you are on the premium plan option, we will also have a weekly call where we discuss the previous week and go through the week ahead.  It’s a good time to discuss how the training is going, how you are adapting to the training load, your daily lifestyle, your recovery and any other questions we both might have. 

My 2-tiered coaching plans allows you to choose a plan suitable for your individual needs. Contact me for my price list pack


  • A weekly personally customised and periodised training programme.
  • All training-related support as well as the training plan, including daily schedules, weekly assessment, mental skills enhancement, sports-nutrition advice, guidance, education and more.
  • Premium membership to Training Peaks depending on which package you choose.
  • Regular communications as agreed by telephone and email and depending on which package you choose.
  • Individually tailored, flexible training which adapts in case of injury or life events that may come along.
  • Ongoing review and feedback.

1:1 sessions are also available at an extra cost in Swim, Bike, Run and Strength and Conditioning and Mobility.

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