All athletes are individuals and should be coached as an individual!

Like anything in life, some things will work for a lot of people but there will be some that it doesn’t and it’s treating each athlete individually and finding what works best for you and within your lifestyle. 

I take a holistic approach to coaching, so looking at the demands you have each day in regard to work life, family life, social, relaxing etc and really working out the correct amount of available time you realistically have for training so I can prescribe the right amount and it doesn’t become a chore.  Also, I like to educate and coach you to become a healthier human which will make you a better athlete.  You can not out-train a bad lifestyle!  Lifestyle includes nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management and developing a growth mindset. I call these your daily fundamentals!


When it comes to female athletes, I have done the Stacy Sims Women Are Not Small Men Course and the Menopause 2.0 Course so I work with your unique physiology to enhance your performance, as you are not the same as men and should not be trained the same as men!

If you are PRE-menopausal, I look at your menstrual cycle and I periodise your training to match it, so I can use your cycle to enhance your performance by using the low hormone phases to really up the volume and intensity, as this is the best time for achieving big fitness gains, and then during the high hormone phases use nutrition to counteract the effect of your hormones on your glycogen availability and reduce the volume and intensity for more technique and skills type deloading training, as your hormones are more against performance gains during this high hormone phase. Then, if you are using a contraception, to also work with how they affect your physiology and cycle too.

Then PERI and POST menopause your physiology changes again, so look at how your nutrition needs to change as you become more insulin sensitive and struggle to pull blood glucose into your muscle cells and can end up with an increase in abdominal fat that you never use to have, if carry on eating the same way as your PRE menopausal days, and also change the type of exercise for what you need to do to help control this increase in body composition, build and hold onto strength, power and bone density and keep you performing at your highest level. I will also educate you on what is happening during this time and things you can try to help alleviate some of the many symptoms you can get during peri and post menopause. I do have a Menopause Whatsapp Group I’d be happy to add you to, which is where I put tips and educational posts up as well as having access to other women going through the same.



The Premium Plan is a 1:1 type coaching package where you get a bespoke training plan individual to your level, lifestyle, race distances and goals.  As it is a premium package you get premium subscription to training peaks, unlimited changes to your plan throughout the week, regular comments on training peaks, as well as a weekly phone call to really enable me to coach you to be the best human and best athlete you can be.  I also have a Tribirdsport Whatsapp Group that you will be added to, where I put educational posts as well as enable you to get to know other athletes and ask questions.


The next level is a Basic Plan which is also a 1:1 type coaching package where you will also get a bespoke training plan individual to your level, lifestyle, race distance and goals.  This package comes with premium training peaks subscription, so you have the freedom to move training sessions around to fit into your lifestyle as it does not come with unlimited changes to your plan. I write it so you can take a bit more ownership if life gets hectic as I label sessions ‘Key’ and ‘Supporting’ so you can prioritise the ‘key’ sessions and either shorten or miss the not as essential ‘supporting’ sessions. This package comes with a monthly phone call where I can coach you through the daily fundamentals (nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, mental strength etc) to get the best out of your athletic performance.  You will also be added to the Tribirdsport Whatsapp group.



The final package is now up and running! This is a yearly type of group training plan but can also be done as a get-you-to-your-race plan too.  The training is not written individually for you but it is written for each type of fitness level.  The way it works is there will be a progressive base plan that you will do all year round, or if just doing this plan to get you to a race, you might start on the base plan, but if doing the yearly plan then you will be fit all year round but not quite at your peak race fitness. Then so many weeks before your race you will jump onto the relevant ‘Race Specific Plan’ for the distance of the race you are doing, this will cover all things specific to your race and get the final touches to peak performance.  Then after the race, you will do a little transition of 1-2 weeks and then jump back onto the baseline plan until your next race specific build starts for another race, if you have one, or the post-season plan if end of season. If you are just doing a one-off race then this is where your journey ends. This plan comes with premium training peaks so you can move your sessions about easily and have more control over your week, it will come with a monthly GROUP video call (once a big enough group is established, as this plan is still in the early days), where I will talk to all of you about a specific topic to help you become the best human and athlete to create your best performance. You will also be added to the Tribirdsport Whatsapp group.

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