Elaine Liversage

My journey with Jennie started as I joined the tri20 club where she is a swimming coach as well as teaches strength and conditioning, I wanted to learn how to swim which I hadn’t done for many years. With perseverance and consistency (a world that Jennie loves) I did my first triathlon last year, wasn’t great but I got by. Then I focused more on running as had London marathon in my radar, soon after I had a partial thyroidectomy in December.

I had qualified earlier in the year for Boston marathon but having had an operation I was unsure how to train. I had heard good things about Jennie from other athletes in the club plus seeing her as my swimming coach I decided to ask her to train me!!!!

First time in my life I had a female coach and she scared me more than any other male coach I ever had – I say scared (in a good way, I needed someone like her) Jennie is very passionate about her job and really cares about her athletes – we are all like a little community of crazy individuals supporting and helping each other! It is great, this is the community that Jennie has created and with her advice and constant reminder about various topics – has improved us massively! For me specially has been learning about recovery, I was overtraining, always getting injured etc.

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Julie Rainbow

I have been coached by Jennie since late 2019. From an initial chat, we covered my fitness and racing goals and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Jennie creates tailored plans to suit races that I am training for. Throughout COVID lockdowns, Jennie offered several different kinds of virtual sessions, including a dry-land swim session, and a virtual spin class, which she continues to hold. She continues to host group cycle sessions, lake swim groups, bike skills sessions.

Since training with Jennie, I have achieved so many goals. I have completed 2 Half Ironmans (something I never thought I would do), and knocked off 15 minutes from my Marathon PB. I could not recommend Jennie enough. She is such an enthusiastic coach, with a genuine passion for everything she does. She is always on hand to give advice when need be and so understanding and accommodating. Her knowledge in the menopause, biomechanics and nutrition has been so helpful. If you are looking for a coach, then Jennie is your lady!

Kerry Parr


I’d been doing triathlons for around 4 years, following online training plans for some races, and generally winging it. My fitness levels were up and down depending on how often I became ill or got a niggly injury despite not lacking motivation or commitment to exercise. I put this down to my age (mid 40s), busy lifestyle with work and kids and was resigned to not really getting any fitter or faster.

I did have a feeling that I wanted to try to do a half ironman before I got too old but didn’t really think it was achievable. The last time I tried to do a half marathon (7 years ago) I ended up with knee pain that meant I couldn’t train for weeks on end. This was really frustrating as I’d done half marathons comfortably under 2 hours in my 20s. I blamed the kids for ruining my joints and resigned myself to the fact that I’d never get under 2 hours again (would I even manage to run the full distance at all?!). I avoided doing too much running and generally hoped I had enough fitness to do sprints and Olympic distance triathlon runs.
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Louise Watkins

Some Grandmas sit at home and knit; that used to be me.

I’ve never been ‘sporty’ and don’t consider myself an athlete, but maybe after July I’ll see myself differently. I’ve been swimming since I was a girl, but I never dreamed that one day I’d be a swimmer, a runner and a cyclist. Yet, in July at the age of 68, I will be competing in my first triathlon.

How has this happened? I met Jennie Jones!

In 2015 I swam a 5k Swimathon. I became obsessed, swimming it twice more, determined to finish in less than two hours. I didn’t succeed even with the help of a swimming teacher. But I wasn’t about to give up. I wanted to achieve this so I mustered up the courage and went along to a Tri2O swim session where Jennie was one of the coaches. After a few weeks I asked for her help.
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Stew Hackman

Stew Hackman journey to Ironman glory!

I started with Jennie in January. My reason for joining is to get through the Ironman in August. As part of my training, I had a place in the London Marathon for 2023. After completing the event in October 2022, it was a tall order to get ready and to achieve my goal of a 4-hour run.

Jennie said, “no problem” and we started zone 2 training for the race in April. I had never done a structured training plan like this before and wasn’t sure if I would be ready. How wrong I was!

The training plan was easy to follow, and I began to improve but didn’t realise just how much. We had a plan for the race. Jennie said “please stick to it” so I did, however as people passed me at the start I did wonder if this would work. The plan was to split the race into 4 x 10km runs getting quicker each time with a 1km warm up and 1km sprint. I followed this to the letter, I ran the race of my life and a perfect marathon coming in at 4 hours 1 min and 7 secs. The one minute was due to the fact I had to run around so many people at the finish who clearly didn’t have a plan! I was a man on a mission!
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Tina Woffington

I decided to enter triathlons at the mature age of 59 years old in 2015.  This was because although my first love is running I found I was becoming injured more frequently. As with all athletes being injured makes us very sad. I also joined Tri2o to improve on my non existent swimming skills.

The highlight for 2015 was I completed the Cotswold Classic Half Ironman finishing in a time of 6:10:29. I was overjoyed that my body coped with all the training and I’d actually completed a half Ironman.

Between 2016-2017 I’d entered a couple of sprint distance triathlons but nothing more. In early 2018 turned my thoughts towards attempting another half Ironman.   Having joined Tri2o in 2015 I had great coaching from Jennie. I liked Jennie’s coaching style so it made sense to approach her to ask her to be my coach for the Holkham Half Ironman 2019.  Following Holkham I also asked Jennie to coach me for the Bowood Half Ironman 2020 ( due to the Covid pandemic it was postponed until 2021).
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Jack Crowden

I first got in contact with Jennie in the Autumn of 2021, I had come from a cycling background competing in club time trials from the age of 12. As I became older, I turned to running throughout the winter to keep up my fitness. Triathlon then came apparent and the thought of testing myself over 3 disciplines interested.

My main goal when Jennie stated to coach me was to complete my first 70.3 distance triathlon. Something I had wanted to do but lacked knowledge on training and race execution.

The training that Jennie set me was specifically for my own personal strength and weakness across swim, bike, run, the gym and transitions. A weekly phone with Jennie proved vital to understand how I felt physically and mentally about the weeks training and how we could adapt the training going forward to help.

Swimming was probably my weakest discipline and before being coached by Jennie I had never swam open water. An extra swim analysis session with Jennie meant that my sessions in the pool could be aimed directly at my swim technique and how this can be progressed for the lake.

There wasn’t one area me and Jennie didn’t discuss when it came to my first 70.3. Sleep, Nutrition, Kit, Equipment, Injury/Injury prevention, race simulation, choice of event, list goes on…

For anyone looking for a coach to guide them through the process, no matter what ability you are, I couldn’t recommend anyone as much as Jennie.

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