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“I had known Jen for years before I asked her to help me with my training for Challenge Roth in 2016. I had done a couple of full distance races, including Austria with Jen in 2011, but had a goal for this one which wasn’t to just finish.
Can’t praise her enough for what she did for me, everything was structured, she listened to my feedback (ok my moaning) and gave everything a purpose.   Result was I got PB’s in the swim and bike parts of the race and finished the run ok. I should caveat this with the fact that I only asked Jen to help me with the swim and bike because I thought I’d be able to manage the run myself, which I sort of did….just!
For 2019 she is helping me with my running!”



“I asked Jen to help me improve my Ironman times after a couple of seasons struggling to make any improvement. From start to finish Jen listened to my frustrations and worked with me to build a training and race-nutrition plan designed to maximize my strengths on the bike leg, saving endurance for the run. This plan enabled me to shave 10 minutes from my previous personal-best and over 30 minutes from the Run leg!

I can’t recommend Jen enough if you are training for long distance triathlon, the training will be hard but structured to get you to the start line in the best possible condition! I continue to pick Jens brains regarding training and nutrition to this day.”



“I have known Jennie now for some time both as an awesome athlete and a coach and was always inspired by her enthusiasm and desire to improve and achieve.  Having been away from the sport for a while, through injuries, I was making small steps back into sport, but not swimming which is my absolute favourite discipline and in a rather haphazard way. Ultimately making no real advances in my fitness and showing no improvement.  So, I was pleased and not a little excited to be approached by Jennie to ask if I would be a test athlete for a project, she was working on with a view to making it permanent.  From the day we sat down and did my initial assessment thus establishing my fitness levels and setting my goals (which have been reset several times) it has been brilliant working with her. She took into consideration my lifestyle, level of fitness and goals and carefully constructed a training plan that built a good base to work off and has helped me develop as an athlete. I am showing real gains in fitness, my times and ability to train consistently. My weight is coming down at a sensible and sustainable rate.  She is pretty much available all the time to give you well thought out advise and is happy to adjust your plan to suit. Jennie is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and I look forward to achieving my goals.”



“A million thank you’s for making me believe in myself and nursing me through all my doubts.  Your weekly plans have been brilliant and very skillfully written.  You are one clever lady!  In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be able to swim 5km in that time.  As I have said so many times before, you are so very patient and encouraging and I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am that you were willing to help me crack my challenge.”


Martin Jeffery

“I first met Jennie in 2015 at an Open Water 121 Coached Swim session. I was 43 & thought I could swim (or at least as a kid I could) but Jennie told me I was wrong, in so many different ways ! I completed my first IM Tri in 2012 & was aiming to go faster at Roth in 2016. I signed up for a 9 month training plan & improved massively. The training was structured into blocks, 3 weeks build, 1 week recover. This meant a gradual build over time but also timed to peak (& taper) for my “A” & “B” races for 2016. The progressive schedule meant no significant injuries & any niggles were discussed with Jennie & accommodated into the plan. Jennie was always available & approachable for any concerns & also tips on nutrition. I PB’d Roth by an hour and 10 minutes in 11:11, which was down to a structured plan (& a bit of hard graft).  Two years later I wanted to go sub 11, so with Jennie’ help & another 9 months of structured training with 2 way feedback, I smashed my goal with 10:28.  Thank you Jennie for helping me to achieve my goals & I would thoroughly recommend you to any new or experienced triathletes.”


OPEN WATER GROUP INDUCTION:  “Thank you very much for the excellent session on Saturday, it has made a very sizable breakthrough for me.  Last time I was in a lake I nearly drowned and It has stopped me entering open water triathlons.  The confidence and positivity that came from Jennie along with her excellent coaching has got me over my fear and that very night I entered an open water triathlon.  That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” Tom Vear

OPEN WATER INDUCTION: “Morning Jennie, I just wanted to make sure you knew how much Sharon and I got out of our coaching session with you yesterday and to say how grateful we are. You let us goof around but were always in control and taught us where we were going wrong and could improve in a gentle but straight-talking manner. Just what we wanted and needed – you felt like a third sister!  I don’t think we’ll make it back before the end of the season so if you see us next year, please be sure to yell at us if we’re embarrassing you in the water or out of it!  Know how good you are at your job. And please feel free to use any parts of this email as a testimonial on your website if you’d like. Or to give my email address to any novices thinking about booking in with you for a coaching session if they’re unsure.  Hope today’s triathlon is going well. Nutters. Thanks Julie

OPEN WATER INDUCTION: “Hi Jennie, I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me the confidence to swim in open water on my own. I went tonight and did the long course in freestyle without stopping. I was so pleased with myself as this is a real challenge in terms of the distance and the stroke.  I have entered the GoTri event in Green Park next month. I am running the GNR in early September so can’t do the one at the lake.
Anyway thanks again.



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