Welcome to TribirdSport Coaching.  I have been involved in the triathlon scene for over 13 years & I am a BTA Level 2 Diploma Qualified Triathlon Coach.

Whether you’re preparing for a sprint distance triathlon or an Ironman, training for three disciplines can be overwhelming.  Hiring a coach can make the world of difference, not only with planning workouts, but also with keeping you motivated.

A coach will know when to challenge you & also when to back off to prevent overtraining.  Even for the more experienced athletes who understand how to build a training schedule, it can be difficult to make the right decisions. A coach is removed from the emotional side of training & races & can manage both hard workouts & recovery days/weeks & leave the athlete to just focus on the training.



  1. INJURY PREVENTION – you will be able to train & race safely & confidently.
  2. STRUCTURE – your training should fit your specific needs & all areas of training.
  3. CORRECTION – create safe & effective training habits.
  4. MOTIVATION – provide motivation to get you out the door.
  5. SUCCESS – your plan should help you meet your goals & reach your maximum performance.


If you are interested in being coached by me or want to take part in one of my coached sessions listed in Triathlon Coaching then get in contact with me either by Email , phoning me or using this Contact Form