Video stroke analysis is simply the best way for any athlete who is looking to improve overall stroke technique. Video stroke analysis gives me (the coach) the opportunity to view a swimmer at a multitude of angles, speed and positions to better assess their unique strengths and weaknesses.

The following are a few examples of what you can more aptly catch with video stroke analysis:

  • Body positioning
  • Head Positioning
  • Hip rotation along with shoulder rotation
  • Hand entry
  • The catch phase
  • Shoulder positioning
  • Stroke timing
  • Breathing pattern
  • Pull
  • Recovery
  • Kick
  • Feet

I offer 1:1 or groups for stroke analysis.



Along with another coach, I coach a pure Technique Session at Bradfield Sports Complex, Reading at 6am on Tuesday mornings.  These are specifically planned to help improve our swimmers’ front crawl technique. These are suitable for all sorts of swimmers: whether it’s a specific swim challenge, an experienced swimmer but feel held back by flaws in their stroke, have reached a plateau or simply want to improve their confidence and enjoyment in the water.  In the beautiful six-lane 25m pool at Bradfield College Sports Complex, we have a maximum of 12 swimmers (ratio of swimmer to coach of 6:1, at most). We plan our sessions in advance, working on different aspects of technique in a progressive way, but we adapt them as we go along, according to the needs of our swimmers. To help with efficiency and planning, swimmers book on through Team App which is downloaded to your phone. You can find us here: Find us here



At my local lake (TRI2O Swim Centre, Burghfield, Reading) from April to September I coach group open water inductions & 1:1 coaching where we use a swim coach bone connection communicator which allows me to give you feedback while you are swimming.  The inductions are catered for groups new to open water Book here & I have never had anyone come away from the inductions that started off nervous who didn’t love it by the end.  The 1:1 coaching can be booked through me direct.



I coach 2 swim sessions for my local Triathlon Club TRI2O on Wednesdays at the Willink Leisure Centre, Burghfield, Reading 6.30am & Friday at Bradfield Sports Complex, Bradfield, Reading 6am, full details Click here