What is a Biomechanics Coach?

Biomechanic coaches use an evidence-based system of screening and prehabilitation exercise programme. This will enable me to train athletes to optimal performance while reducing the risk of injury.

What does it involve?

I start off by doing a full body screen for pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet. Muscles, joints and nerves all affect each other, we are an integrated system and this system provides techniques to affect each of these system.

Once the screen has been done I will use the results to prescribe an anti-spasm muscle energy technique for the pelvis area along with strength exercises for you to do everyday. After about a week I will re-screen, see how the exercises have helped movement and alignment in the pelvis and from these results move through the system to spine and then to shoulders to enable the individual to move more freely in their pelvis, spine and shoulders.

The next phase is working on stability and control by performing core strength work to give a good base of strength around the entire trunk.

The third phase is function and performance and strengthening the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet to allow better function. Using specific assessments based on joint strength ratios we can consider more sport-specific movements to reduce risk of injury and improve sporting performance.

For my 1:1 Coaching athletes who are local, I will do a full screen before I start coaching you, this is just so I can make sure there is nothing going on that would be a risk to an increase in training load. If you want further screening and to follow the system described above to get you moving more freely & help prevent injury risk, that will come at an extra charge.

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