Feb 9, 2019

A follow up from my last post regarding Rest & Recovery. I have a good example using myself: 

I am also a Spinning/Indoor Cycling Instructor & I teach 6 classes Monday to Friday, add on top of this my training of 2 x Swims, 2 x Wall Climbing & Kettlebell Strength Training during the week, at the weekends I like to do a mountain bike ride or road bike ride (or both) so recovery is very hard to factor in but I have been taking one of the weekend days off.  This weekend I had to ride Saturday (which is my preferred day off) due to the weather being better. OMG! I noticed a huge difference today from not having a rest day before it.  My legs struggled, I’d start off the trail section full of power & then my legs would just give up half way & it would be like cycling through sticky mud.  Even the hill sections were a slog.  It was hard going! Whereas the weekends when I have took Saturday off & rode Sunday I have had so much more power & energy, I fly round the trails. 

So I re-inforce the importance of rest & recovery if you want to perform to your full potential.  For me it’s not the end of the world as I am not training for a race, it’s just for fun but for you athletes training for your races it is vital.