Here at bikepimp HQ we know how precious you bike is to you.
Our aim is to get your bike back to perfection as soon as possible.

If a repair can be done whilst you wait – it will be !!
(saving you time = more ride time )

We are unique ….. We are not a regular shop so there are fewer distractions due to the private location and the fact we do not sell anything ( bikes/ clothes) .

This is why we have the super fast turn around times we do !

This should mean you pay more for this awesome service – in fact because it’s so efficient you pay less than a regular shop -ask anyone who has been through the process.(They will be the person riding his/ her bike with a big smile on there face)

There are no opening/ closing times the working day ends when the job is done – properly.

Behind the scenes – what goes on ??
Bicycles are our most noble invention , beautifully balanced between function and fun !!

Making them work ( really work – perfectly ) requires more than just tool skills – finesse and a precision that has to be felt, where a fraction of a turn on a screw makes a big difference.

This can only be achieved to this super high level in a stress free environment -in a clinically clean space – without time restraints…….. How long does perfection take to achieve?

And it will need cake !!! And coffee!!!

Contact Martin on 07769 666912