Nov 14, 2018

hip-arthritis (2)

As you all know by now I have Osteoarthritis in my right hip, which I was actually diagnosed with when I was 39 (I am now 47).  I have had bad times with it but I have carried on doing all the things I enjoy regardless & have had amazing help from Bodyology & my Osteopath Julian Thorogood.

At the moment I am having a bad time!!  I have a flare up & the chronic pain is wearing me down mentally!  I can swim painfree, bike painfee & even climb painfree!  It’s walking & general day to day movement that is causing me the most pain & frustrations.  I am a self employed Triathlon Coach, Fitness Instructor/PT (teaching six spin classes a week) & a Beauty Therapist too so I can’t afford to take time out, I have to work to pay the bills, even though I feel like just curling up in a ball & not moving (but that would probably be just as painful).  I’ve just got to get through this flare up & things will get back to normal & I’ll be able to breathe again.

It’s hard for people who haven’t suffered with a chronic illness to understand, as we go about day to day dealing with it!  For me it’s not excrutiating pain, it’s like a constant toothache down my right leg & this is what wears me down mentally & the fact that it gives way on me when I’m walking about & makes it difficult if I need to rush about, carry heavy stuff & stops me sleeping at night, my sleep is bad as it is.

But I can Swim painfree, Bike painfree & Climb painfree, it could be worse! So even though I get upset when I have a flare up & wish I didn’t have this arthritic hip, it could be so much worse or have something much worse, so I do thank my lucky stars that I can still do all the things I love doing!

So If you see me hobbling around with a crease in the middle of my forehead, it is because I have a flare up at the moment, I’ll be back to  normal soon.  Thank you for reading.